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EVEN IN ARCADIA-- the first book in a new series by Kristen Selleck-- now on sale!!

A new series from Kristen Selleck at last!!

In Mr. Bolt's Machine Shop, a life-size automaton man salutes visitors as a massive pendulum slices through the air above the work floor.  It is a visionary's shop of uncommon odds and ends and technological marvels, but to Lucy Arancini, it is home.

Hidden beneath the grease-stained trousers and soot-blackened face of an apprentice, Mr. Bolt's most talented boy, is actually a girl-- a girl who dreams of nothing but becoming an engineer.

But Lucy's dreams are abruptly shattered when her sister's mutilated body is pulled from the river, and her only goal becomes revenge.

Detective Gabriel March fears that a serial killer might be stalking the grounds of Arcadia College of Mechanical Arts-- the killer who murdered Lucy's sister.  With the danger high, and the evidence scarce, he hatches a desperate plan to send Lucy to Arcadia in the guise of Lucien Bolt.

An ancient and terrible secret hides beneath the ivy-covered halls of Arcadia College, but if she is to uncover the truth, Lucy will have to guard her identity, and... her heart.

A brand new paranormal romance set in New York, 1892.  Murder... Mechanics... An Ancient Curse... A Forbidden Love... and a Victorian Drag Show-- this book has it all.  Don't miss, "EVEN IN ARCADIA".

Buy it on here on Amazon today!

The Alchemist's Apprentice-- the fourth and final book of the Birch Harbor Series--- Available now!!!

From the abandoned halls of America's most haunted asylums to dangerous confrontations with cult members in London, Chloe Adams has braved many trials to discover the truth about an ancient organization of alchemists.

Abraham's Men have failed.  The alchemists have achieved immortality, and the last thing standing in their way in an ancient book of spells.  A book which Chloe was given to safeguard.

Find out what happens to Chloe, Seth, and the rest of their friends, in this thrilling conclusion to the Birch Harbor Series!

Available now on Amazon!

THE KIRKBRIDE PLAN - Book Three of the Birch Harbor Series - On sale NOW!!!

After a violent attack and a close brush with death, Chloe Adams awakens in a hospital with the terrifying ability to see the dead.

From the busy streets of London to the silent hallways of an abandoned New York asylum, she pursues the dangerous members of Abraham's Men, convinced that she must rally them to fight against the evil plans of the alchemists.

But somebody's been pursuing Chloe, and she's about to discover that in some fights, there are no good guys.

Click Here for Amazon Link: The Kirkbride Plan

Click Here for Barnes and Noble Link: The Kirkbride Plan

ABRAHAM'S MEN - Book Two of the Birch Harbor Series

College sophomore Chloe Adams returns to Birch Harbor determined to find the remnants of the secret society known as Abraham's Men.

Yet, the only clues she has are the words 'find Ian Rose' and a strange coded journal that once belonged to her father.

No longer able to hear the voices that have plagued her for most of her life, and finally having the loving home she has always dreamed of, Chloe struggles to define what she wants--

Until fate and her mentor conspire to offer her the chance to discover the truth.

Unfortunately, the truth might kill her.

Download the kindle version from Amazon here: Abraham's Men

Or buy the paperback here: Abraham's Men
Asylum- Book One of the Birch Harbor Series- Now for sale on Amazon!!!



 Asylum on Click here!


Follow the Link above and you can read the first three chapters, purchase the Kindle version for only 1.99 cents, or buy the book for $11.99!


The Story

Across the country, hidden in plain sight, are the forgotten remains of a once-great psychiatric movement: the asylum. These crumbling castles all share a common appearance and history. They inspire curiosity, fear, and even a few urban legends.

Chloe Adams came to Birch Harbor, a small college town in the U.P., to escape the stigma of mental illness. Her new roommate Sam Klingeman, came to drink her weight in vodka and find a hot guy with a trust fund. Between Chloe's developing relationship with campus hockey hero and floor RA, Seth Maird, trying to be the voice of moderation for Sam, and her new position as teacher's assistant for the eccentric Dr. Willard, she's stayed busy enough to keep the past firmly behind her.

But the voices return...and this time, she's not the only one that can hear them.

The beautiful old dormitory she lives in is hiding a secret. A secret that will uncover a dark plot 200 years in the making. Will Chloe be able to hold onto the new life she's worked so hard to build, will she relapse into a world of her own making, or will she, perhaps, fulfill the legacy she was born into?